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Modern lifestyles demand a lot from our bodies and it’s hardly surprising that at times, our bodies fail us physically in some way or another. Aches, pains and illness are a sure sign that something is not right with our bodies and the sheer pressure this puts upon our NHS cost our health services up to £5 billion every year. With these massive statistics, it’s no wonder that over 2 million working days are lost every year to back pain alone!


What is an Osteomyologist ?

An Osteomyologist is a practitioner that uses a variety of structural manipulation techniques, thinks and treats holistically [that is the whole person] and is qualified and insured to use a blend of Osteopathic, Nutritional and Homeopathic therapies. This makes it a Holistic treatment and creates a broader picture of the patient rather than just treating symptoms.

Osteomyologists are members of a relatively new organisation,


The Association of Osteomyologist.

The Association ensures that through its strict regulations that every practitioner must be properly qualified to make it on to the register. Individual practioners may well have other letters after their names indicating that they have reached a degree level standard within their discipine. It is advisable to ensure when appointing an Osteomyologist for your treatment, that they hold professional insurance.

The Association of Osteomyologists is a respected, growing organisation that encompasses a wide variety of alternative practitioners, all registered members of this organisation follow lawful, ethical guildlines, and are fully qualified and partake in continuing professional development. Osteomyologists are encouraged to undertake research into the treatment of different conditions. The common belief amongst the Association is that being qualified in a variety of techniques and administering them at their disposal leads to multi-disciplined practitioners, who are therefore able to adapt treatments for the individual and personal conditions.

What will the treatment involve ?

An Osteomyologist will treat both the symptoms and root cause of a condition, with the aim to alleviating symptoms and preventing reoccurring problems whenever possible. With Osteomyology, the body is treated as a whole, treatment for long-term, repetitive problems is particularly effective. Osteomyology encourages the skilled use of a variety of techniques including manipulative techniques, therapeutic massage, soft tissue treatment of muscles, ligaments and tendons, nutritional and exercise advice to aid improvement and reduce symptoms. Not all of these techniques will be used by all Osteomyologists, only the ones with the relevant qualifications. Osteomyologists also work alongside other professionals including your GP and consultant specialists when necessary.

A good practitioner will treat each and every patient on an individual basis offering reassurance, explanation, time and psychological support to go hand in hand with any physical intervention. The patient will be provided with an individual, carefully considered treatment program which includes information about the type of treatment to be utilised, the cost and number of treatments to be administered in the future.

When choosing an Osteomyologist for the letter M.A.O. (Manip) or F A O {Fellow of the Association of Osteomyologists} after there name.                                         What can I expect during a visit ?

Upon arrival to the first appointment with your Osteomyologist, he will make a complete assessment, treatment and rehabilitation program. Every practitioner is expected to provide a high standard of clinical competence within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Within this time, the patient will be fully assessed, a full medical history will be taken and an examination will determine the nature of the problem and the course of action needed to get the patient back to full health. If treatment is required treatment will then follow with subsequent treatments lasting for about half an hour.

What can an Osteomyologist treat ?

Chronic conditions such as Arthritis

“Wear and tear” joint problems

Headache & migraines

Posture problems

Joint pain and neurological symptoms

Sports injuries

Muscloskeletal dysfunction including reduced flexibility of the joints and spine

Pregnancy related symptoms including sciatic pain

Back and neck pain including whiplash

Repetitive strain injury

Heel spurs

Shoulder conditions

TMJ [jaw problems]


Osteomyologists are often consulted by health and safety managers and occupational Health Nurses to offer advice on suitability of furniture and equipment ect. Recent legalisation has made it imperative that all employers have a duty of care towards their employees. Many practitioners have experience of legal work, advising and preparing relevant documents to support accident and injury claims.

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