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Homeopathic Counselling Services

Many people at some time in their lives find themselves facing difficult problems and become faced with the feeling of helplessness during these very distressing times. These can stem from any number of situations we find ourselves confronted with in life including, the loss of a loved one, relationship issues, sexual problems and financial difficulties, leading to low self esteem, unhappiness or even depression.


We instinctively 'cope' and believe we do not need help, especially in our "stiff upper lip" society, however, being able to discuss your thoughts and feelings has proved to be a healthy and effective way of dealing with stressful and emotional difficulties life throws at us all from time to time.

Counselling takes place in a safe, private and confidential environment allowing you to explore the difficulties you may be having, express the distress you may be feeling, allowing the quality of life to be discovered or restored.

Counselling is a very effective form of talking therapy, whether your difficulties lay in the past [childhood] or the present, the damaging effects of shame can be felt, so learning how to acquire 'tools' for change can be exciting and liberating. During your counselling, one is able to confront and remove Shame, Fear and Guilt safely and quickly.

In a safe, confidential environment, you can begin to take those first steps towards being the person you truly have the right to be! For any appointment regarding our counselling, contact the clinic on 01702 334 788 for a confidential consultation.

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