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YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT ! ARE YOU ALLERGIC ?? We live in a modern time, where we are exposed to chemicals in our environment and foods, poorly grown and nutritionally difficient foods, Drugs are routinely prescribed overloading our system.


What symptoms can be caused by allergy ?

• Bowel problems ( Iritated bowel)
• Bloating
• Weight gain
• fatigue/tiredness
• Headaches
• Migraines
• Poor concentation
• Skin problems
• Hyperactivity in children
• Muscle aches /pains
• Joint pains
• Mood swings


IMPORTANT An Allergy test you will need a detailed case history taken by the practitioner and you will be given a varied test of at least 60 substances.

(Mr Enever holds an advanced Diploma in this method)

Allergy Testing Is performed with a stylus [Which is blunt]. The stylus is gently applied to the toe area and though this process,
we will immediately discover if any sensitivities are present. This method has been used successfully for many years all over the world, and has shown to be both safe and accurate in testing for food and contact sensitivities, results are known instantly.

The degree of reaction is measured enabling an accurate diet profile to be created on an individual basis. On completion of your allergy test you will be given a copy of your results, a diet profile plan which you will find helpful to maintain your nutrition.Appropriate supplements may be suggested to support your system and speed a return to health. This approach has been found to be very effective and successful.

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Remember “you are what you eat”  - Dr A. Brilliat Savarin 1826 AD


Allergic ??

Do you suffer from: Bloating IBS Symptoms, Tirdness, Fatique, Weight Gain, Joint Stiffness or pain, Headaches, Migraines, Not ill but not feeling right ?

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